Reconing of speakers

At Altronics, we are the experts in reconing speakers. The reasons for reconing is simple, a damaged voice coil, torn cone, or a torn spider. The process of reconing is basically the replacement of all of the moving parts inside the speaker. When conducting reconing, our expert staffs will help to examine the issue and replace the moving parts such as the cone, surround, gaskets, dust cap, voice coil and wire leads if necessary. This will help enable your speakers to sound as good as they use to be!

Resurround of speakers

Have your speakers outer foam rubber edge fallen off or deteriorated due to time? Fret not, at Altronics we provide the best resurrounding services.

During the repair process, we will help to replace the outer foam rubber edge that is attached to the speaker cone and also to the frame.  It is very important that the resurrounding process is done as it affects the sound quality that the speaker produces.

The need for resurrounding is mostly due to deterioration of the aging foam surrounds. Other reasons can include environmental conditions such as long exposure to sun and constant usage of the speaker.

As long as all of the remaining speaker parts are in good working condition, resurrounding works well and is a more economical repair option than reconing. In some cases, however, there can be damage to the voice coil, cone or spider such that resurrounding is not an option and reconing is required.