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How do you maintain your speakers? Here are 6 tips how!

Speakers are definitely an indispensable part of your whole music system. The speaker that you buy has the ability to make or break the quality of your sound output considerably. That is why most people opt for high quality speakers even though it comes at a price. However the main question is, how do you maintain them? Today, we will be going through a very simple guide to show you how you should maintain your speakers such that you can prolong its usage and maximize its lifetime!

1. Keep the speakers Dust-free.

You should place them in an area where it is difficult for dust to enter the net of the speakers or the interiors of the speakers. It is very important to understand that dust will dramatically affect the performance of the speakers itself. From time to time, you can try to use a vacuum cleaner to clean out the dust. This will definitely help to ensure that your speakers are dust-free.

2. Clean your speakers regularly!

Secondly, regular cleaning should be done to the speakers. Before you do that, avoid using any liquid cleaners as they will damage the amplifiers. It is very important to prevent keeping them on metals conducive as it might cause the inbuilt electromagnet of the speakers to be damaged.

3. Keep your speakers away from static

Always. And I mean always keep your speakers away from static electricity! It is one of main causes of an electrical system burn out.

4. Sunblock for speakers!

I'm kidding on this one. But always ensure that you keep your speakers always from direct sun rays. Some speakers do not have proper thermal design and a direct sun exposure can affect the voice coil of the speakers.

5. Have enough ventilation!

Providing enough ventilation is one way to maintain and increase the life of your speakers. A tip here is that you can keep your fans near your speakers to keep it cool at times when heavy performance is required.

6. Importance of power in speaker maintenance

You need to keep an uninterrupted power supply and voltage stabilizers to juice up your speakers, in case there is a power blackout, brownouts, lightning storms, and electrical surge.

When you buy a speaker just keep it running at a stretch for at least 24 hours. In case of any problem, it will show up in this extended run. This is called the burn out test. This is one test that you need to try before using the speakers. It lets you test the speakers for any manufacturing defects.

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